Proactive Measures, Corporate Culture and Compliance

At GRC LEGAL, we work on a number of corporate culture inputs to prevent potential breaches, tighten employer sanctions or assist in potential litigation or disputes. Even with formal contracts in place, the potential for breach is possible. Therefore, in the event of a possible judicial review or litigation, making contracts that comply with the law and commercial technical details will be an important proactive measure to protect organisations in every aspect.

At GRC LEGAL, we advise companies across a wide range of industries on strategic human resources matters, covering the employment relationship from start to finish. We are available every day to provide practical and proactive strategies in real-time to our clients on time-sensitive employee relations matters, including performance management, employee disputes and grievances, leaves of absence, internal investigations, pay equity issues, personality inventory testing, background checks, joint employer obligations, misclassification of contractors or principal/subcontractor positions, wage and hour compliance and restrictive covenants.

We create a full range of regulatory and supervisory mechanisms for our clients and consultants, including offer letters, executive employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, employee handbooks, alerts, consulting agreements, board advisory, staffing arrangements, termination notices and separation agreements. We also provide bulletins on developments and changes in living legislation, depending on the importance of the issue.

Finally, we regularly advise on employee data protection issues. Employment and the processing, security and privacy of personal data are closely interrelated, and our multidisciplinary experience gives us unique mobility in this area. Importantly, we also deal with the organisation’s response to employee relations issues arising from significant data security incidents in which employee data has been compromised, both in private and public relations. In this context, we provide an ideal roadmap with our crisis management and legal counselling services.