StartUp, Finance and Regulatory Technologies

While advancing technology is helping financial institutions become more efficient, reduce regulatory risk and lower overall compliance costs, it is also making it more difficult to implement compliance properly. Financial institutions are dealing with more regulations, more changes and more details than ever before. Regulatory Technologies, also referred to as next generation financial technologies, have emerged to help businesses streamline almost every part of the compliance process in the face of this increasing regulatory burden.
However, planning or starting a new business is an intensive process in every respect and we believe that no entrepreneur should go through it without the assistance of legal counsel. Therefore, at GRC LEGAL, we can evaluate your company’s business planning ideas and help determine the type of business and growth strategies that best suit your needs. Furthermore, as a technology-focused firm, we help clients and advisors manage and protect their corporate ethical assets during the initial formation phase to help avoid unnecessary problems that may arise after they have succeeded. Similarly, we provide legal advice on drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts, which are essential to the start-up process, and on protecting the company during the initial growth and investment phases.

Business Legal Planning 360+

The type of organisation chosen when establishing a business entity will determine how responsibility is distributed among the shareholders and/or the board of directors, the company's positioning vis-à-vis the public and other important considerations. Choosing the right type of entity at the outset will help to avoid unnecessary financial and moral losses of energy and labour and potential legal problems.

Regulatory Technologies 4.0

RegTech, also known as Regulatory Technology, manages regulatory processes (risk, monitoring, reporting, evaluation, compliance) in many sectors with innovative technology solutions and is the main choice and focus of the financial sector today. Companies using RegTech are reshaping their operational systems and processes.

Financial Technologies: Future 4.0

The financial technologies and financial services sector is one of the most complex, globally integrated and heavily regulated sectors.