GRC – Governance, Risk, Compliance & Regulation

As a 21st century inevitable reality, in this rapidly changing and evolving legal environment of the world in parallel with the new generation legal culture, GRC LEGAL is guided by a practical and common sense management that ensures long-term success for our clients and consultants. We are a beacon of light on the complex and ever-changing and evolving regulatory paths of our clients.

Corporate Governance

The type of organisation chosen when establishing a business entity will determine how responsibility is distributed among the shareholders and/or the board of directors, the company's positioning vis-à-vis the public and other important considerations. Choosing the right type of entity at the outset will help to avoid unnecessary financial and moral losses of energy and labour and potential legal problems.

Regulatory Compliance Management

RegTech, also known as Regulatory Technology, manages regulatory processes (risk, monitoring, reporting, evaluation, compliance) in many sectors with innovative technology solutions and is the main choice and focus of the financial sector today. Companies using RegTech are reshaping their operational systems and processes.

Risk Assessment and Risk Management

The financial technologies and financial services sector is one of the most complex, globally integrated and heavily regulated sectors.