Risk Assessment and Risk Management

In today’s rapidly changing business world, companies must anticipate the significant risks associated with detailed regulations, insider theft and abuse, and ever-competing and rapidly evolving data security and privacy requirements. Failure to anticipate or prepare for crises related to any of these risks could potentially expose a company’s directors and officers to liability and undoubtedly adversely affect the company’s brand, reputation and business future.
At GRC LEGAL, we provide legal advice with the critical advice modern businesses need to anticipate and respond to any crisis. We have a collective way of working that enables us to successfully guide our clients and consultants through issues at the highest levels, including investigations into cyber security threats, white collar crime, regulatory and compliance, sanctions, product, occupational health and environmental safety, and workplace misconduct.
We help organisations anticipate crises and plan the response to be made. As GRC LEGAL, we carry out strategy development studies in order to develop regulatory and supervisory plans, including instant intervention in possible crises and violations, communication management that allows the corporate workflow to continue to grow and the business to continue to grow, and application and follow-up to judicial remedies and competent authorities when necessary. In this context, we utilise our professional legal and business life experience to help you identify potential risks to your company and develop a comprehensive response plan covering traditional and mainstream practice areas.

Sustainable Regulatory Tracking

Companies today are required to comply with an increasingly detailed (and sometimes conflicting) set of laws and regulations governing their global and/or national operations. At GRC LEGAL, we leverage our global compliance practice to provide clients and advisers with innovative solutions to manage the compliance risks arising from these haphazard rules, providing risk assessments specific to each organisation, followed by tailored innovations and enhancements to compliance programmes. We benchmark our clients’ and consultants’ performance against peer companies to ensure that their code of professional conduct, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering policies, whistleblowing programmes, punitive and incentive measures and other relevant regulatory compliance controls are in place, and that the effectiveness of their programmes is tested and monitored to ensure that they do not face regulatory scrutiny.
In addition, many companies are faced with situations where they must decide whether or not to conduct an investigation before any official authority has even brought charges. Our highly experienced team, with a background in corporate culture, advises corporate boards on the correct response to suspicions of wrongdoing, unlawful conduct and behaviour. We work as multi-disciplinary teams to provide our clients and advisers with a complete picture of the legal framework with which they must comply, and this holistic approach helps to minimise the likelihood of future liability and exposure to claims against our clients and advisers.