Human and Culture & Labour Law

From well-known global publicly listed companies to small start-ups, GRC LEGAL provides preventive advisory services that provide guidance and direction on their most important asset: their people. We understand the complex employment and labour law regulations that shape the business world, the business needs of our clients, and the unique personal relationship between employer and employee. The combination of these areas of expertise enables us to achieve the best results for our clients in matters where emotions often come to the fore and where the risk of serious financial and reputational damage is high.
We provide our clients with preventive counselling to achieve the best outcomes in high-risk labour disputes that cannot be resolved by agreement, as well as helping employers to avoid litigation as much as possible.

Employment Contracts and Mainstream Labour Law Practices

We draft contracts tailored to the specific business needs and practices of our clients and consultants, specific to white-collar, blue-collar and service sector employment relationships. These agreements are crucial to smooth human resources and labour law processes and help prevent or minimise potential legal disputes.

Proactive Measures, Corporate Culture and Compliance

At GRC LEGAL, we work on a number of corporate culture inputs to prevent potential breaches, tighten employer sanctions or assist in potential litigation or disputes. Even with formal contracts in place, the potential for breach is possible. Therefore, in the event of a possible judicial review or litigation, having contracts that comply with the law and commercial technicalities will be an important proactive measure to protect organisations from all sides.