Employment Contracts and Mainstream Labour Law Practices

We draft contracts tailored to the specific business needs and practices of our clients and consultants, specific to white-collar, blue-collar and service sector employment relationships. These agreements are crucial to smooth human resources and labour law processes and help to avoid or minimise potential legal disputes.

In addition, employment contracts should be tailored to commercial and technical practices that vary from the manufacturing sector to the service sector. A good understanding of employment issues related to various sectors and ways of working is essential for human resources contract management. In this respect, as GRC LEGAL, we provide our consultancy services on the aforementioned process management in accordance with the spirit of the time and legal regulations and in a way that will remain valid in every period.

Why not use generic drafts for employment contracts?
Companies should not rely on generalised employment agreements, as they cannot provide adequate protection for all industry standards and forms of work. In this context, many organisations rely on template agreements that do not specifically address their unique working principles. Furthermore, these generalised templates and drafts do not incorporate changing and evolving legislation, regulations or new technology threats such as hacking, insider threats or social media.

As a result, many companies do not realise that the departure of an employee can result in the loss of customer databases or other valuable trade secrets simply due to a lack of legal protection and foresight. While these draft contracts and/or forms can get the job done quickly, they cannot offer the advantages of having customised contracts tailored to fit the specific needs of the business, the industry and the way of doing business. In this context, as GRC LEGAL, we implement a large number of employment contracts and application-action regulations for organisations in different service sectors and we follow up the implementation support as a legal unit from within.

  • Human Resources Policies
  • Social Media and Ethics Policies
  • Human Resources Contracts
  • Independent Contractor/Subcontractor/Supplier Arrangements
  • Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure, Non-Competition Agreements
  • Trade Secrets, Personal Data Protection and Intellectual Property Contracts
  • Preventive Labour Law Documentation and Applications Minutes, Defence Letters, Warning and Termination Process Management
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Business Ethics Regulations
  • General and Special Personnel Regulations