Corporate Company Law

We represent our valued clients, from young start-ups to industry leaders, in all aspects of corporate and private legal services. In this context, all kinds of commercial enterprises need sound, effective and efficient commercial legal advice from their establishment to their liquidation. In this respect, we help corporate organisations address both short-term and long-term commercial workflow requirements in an accurate, effective, efficient and valuable manner through the intricacies of corporate law. We help our clients find solutions and sign growth agreements that drive their businesses forward on a wide range of issues, including

Management of Contract Processes

Contracts and commercial agreements form the basis of all active companies and commercial organisations. In this context, as GRC LEGAL, we assist our clients and consultant companies in preparing and launching specific contract examples and the necessary documentation process tailored to their business needs and sectors.

Corporate Finance

Finding corporate finance is a complex issue, especially for new entrepreneurs. In fact, young entrepreneurs have to find sources of financing in due time, taking into account the capital structure of their companies. In this context, measures taken to increase the value of the corporate structure may be subject to detailed scrutiny by regulatory bodies and prospective shareholders.

Commercial Business and Flow Management

Due to the nature of business transactions, the completion or incompletion of a business is of vital importance, especially in Turkey. At GRC LEGAL, we provide consultancy and advocacy services at every stage of the entire life cycle of corporate structures, from their birth to their termination, including legal entity formation, business financing, business operations and corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, various forms of business dissolution and liquidation.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In mergers and acquisitions process management, the protection of personal data, corporate culture and the appropriate handling and management of related information technology assets are mandatory to ensure a reasonable value determination and any valuable asset inventory. in this context, as GRC LEGAL, we provide the necessary legal services for the effective and efficient realisation of mergers and acquisitions by making effective interventions in commercial activities that will not disrupt the workflow as much as possible.