Technology Outsourcing and Contracts

The need to outsource information technology, including some programming and coding, is often driven by a lack of resources and a desire to reduce the cost of overheads. However, no matter how simple the outsourcing may be, companies should be careful to ensure that their IT outsourcing contracts and practices comply with the law.

Technology Contracts

As a technology and digital law firm, GRC LEGAL provides effective negotiation support, innovative solutions and industry knowledge for technology companies, advising on contract drafting and technology transfer transactions and other necessary inputs. We provide advice and guidance on the types of contracts and clauses relevant to the technology sector and labour ecosystem that need to be considered, including the following examples
  • Technology Licence and Transfer Agreements
  • Sales and Distributorship Agreements
  • Technology Risk Assessments
  • Contracts for the Sale or Purchase of Technology
  • Development or Co-Development Agreements
  • Complex Software Contracts
  • External Supply Contracts
  • Data Security Matters of Interest
  • Joint Venture and Partnership Agreements
  • Information Technology Contracts
  • Software Development Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Competition Agreements
Trading companies should be careful when using a third-party contract for outsourcing. Even if this third party is a recognised company in the industry, each party must ensure that they are adequately protected. Draft template forms or standardised clauses are generally not intended to do justice to all parties involved. At GRC LEGAL, we can help protect the rights of our clients and advisers by reviewing and discussing tailor-made agreements, providing tailor-made assessment and interpretation, as well as being at the forefront of dispute resolution should a dispute arise.

Technology Risk Assessment and Risk Management

Trading companies benefit significantly for internal and external audit by identifying vulnerabilities in their technology systems for remediation and regulatory compliance. Therefore, GRC LEGAL provides consulting services on strategic technology risk assessment, recommending effective business and licensing models to ensure the protection of technology assets, and we strive to protect technology transactions through the most effective and protective risk assessment, procedures and tailor-made contracts.
Risk assessment is just the beginning for businesses. Once vulnerabilities have been identified and systems, processes and agreements have been put in place to adequately protect technology assets, they need to be managed and properly configured. This process should continue with periodic assessments for risk management as technology and living legislation evolve. Information technology outsourcing contracts may not be easy to understand. To ensure that the basic concepts are integrated into the underlying arrangements and to avoid surprises of potential breach, we work on technology agreements and advise on dispute resolution, claims enforcement and litigation for breaches of contract.