Information Security and Cyber Security

Cyber security, information technology security or computer security refers to the protection applied to computers, networks, technology infrastructures and electronic data in general, and in general terms, internet security includes the processes, procedures and mechanisms that protect digital services, equipment, information and related data from unauthorised access.
As the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart devices become a more important part of our lives, cyber security threats are growing at the same rate, and internet security threats are becoming more widespread and complex. For this reason, especially with the wind of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic period, internet security has become a critical focal point in almost every sector that uses computers. Although the processes listed in this context contain guidance that requires technical expertise in the first place, we provide legal consultancy services as GRC LEGAL in terms of compensation for the damage incurred and applying preventive legal principles at the beginning of the process with the methods of seeking rights.

Proactive Measures Against Cyber Security Attacks

As GRC LEGAL, we provide legal consultancy services to clients and consultants regarding the road map to be drawn, especially contractual processes, in order to limit their possible legal liabilities and to provide a legal path to be followed when a cyber security attack occurs. In fact, when it comes to legal regulations, areas of authorisation and duties may vary. For this reason, we closely and daily follow the changes in the relevant legislation. We also provide guidance to our clients on best practices and proactive measures to help prevent online security threats by cyberbullies, as well as what to do to minimise potential legal consequences in the event of an unpreventable attack.