Commercial Business and Flow Management

Due to the nature of business transactions, the completion or incompletion of a business is of vital importance, especially in Turkey. At GRC LEGAL, we provide consultancy and advocacy services at every stage of the entire life cycle of corporate structures, from their birth to their termination, including legal entity formation, business financing, business operations and corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, various forms of business dissolution and liquidation.

Types of Commercial Transactions

There are many contractual processes and business transactions that are necessary to manage a healthy and long-term structure at every stage of corporate organisation. Below, we present some examples of basic commercial transactions that require skilful contract drafting:
  • Workflow Plans and Directives/Task Descriptions
  • Employment / Labour Contracts
  • Confidentiality Agreements Policies
  • Allocation of Data Protection Assets
  • Supply and Sales Contracts
  • General Commercial Contracts and Documentation
  • Franchising / Agency / Dealership / Representation Agreements
  • Information Systems and Software Contracts
  • Website Policies and Terms of Use
  • Internet and E-Commerce Contracts and Necessary Infrastructure Facility
  • Company Legal Infrastructure Check-Up Control and Evaluation
At GRC LEGAL, our legal experience in the corporate business ecosystem provides us with a solid foundation to advise on detailed commercial transactions. Thus, we offer corporates the comfort of having made the right and legally protected decisions in every step taken as an organisation.

Trade Processing Assistance at Every Stage of Corporate Processes

Regardless of the stage of corporate processes and activities, GRC LEGAL provides the legal services you need in a pinpoint manner. For example, in business planning and new venture processes, we help you decide on the most appropriate business structure for your needs through mutual consultation. In addition, at every stage of the business world, we help to draft and negotiate specific contracts, to profit from corporate financing and to create contracts for both employees and independent contractors. We can also provide general consulting services in the business and corporate governance phase, with specialised partners available on request to handle various in-house services.

Dispute Management and Commercial Litigation

At GRC LEGAL, we are proud to provide preventive and proactive legal support to businesses every step of the way to prevent commercial disputes and disagreements from the very beginning, recognising that our clients and clients want to run their business the right way. We integrate our preventive legal services into our client and client companies by protecting them from irreparable processes that cause serious time, labour and financial loss and by establishing an in-house legal culture.