Corporate Governance

Corporate governance generally refers to the mechanisms, processes and relationships by which commercial enterprises and trading companies are controlled and directed. At GRC LEGAL, we advise our clients and consultants on the practices that are most useful, effective and efficient for their specific corporate governance needs, and help to ensure that strategies, procedures, policies and other necessary documentation and contractual processes are grounded in law.
Differences between Company Types and Sectors
For a legal entity to run smoothly, it needs policies, procedures, checks and balances imposed on people at different levels of the organisation. However, the implementation of this type of business management requires an awareness of best practices – case studies – for specific businesses and sectors. Too often, the best learnt processes within an organisation are experienced as a negative phenomenon. At GRC LEGAL, we provide consultancy services to organisations in need of management support based on the experience we have gained from the increasing number of case studies of our clients and consultants operating in many different sectors.
However, corporate governance aims to establish a system of corporate guidelines that enable best practices in the company’s operations and facilitate practical action. Thus, the type of governance structures and principles differ from company to company and by type of industry. Therefore, a company must prepare governance rules and procedures to meet its specific business needs. As a firm active in the corporate world, GRC LEGAL has experience in working with many corporate entities and legal entities to provide guidance on different business governance needs.
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In this respect, we provide personalised and institutionalised advice, draft policies, procedures and administrative documentation and contract process management services to help tighten business governance. GRC LEGAL’s track record and experience in labour law, corporate law and commercial law allows us to offer unique insight and guidance on corporate governance best practices. In this context, we advise company owners, managers, boards of directors, officers and other interested parties on the following issues
  • Internal Controls
  • Reporting
  • Risk Management
  • Case Management
  • Dispute resolution
More broadly, we enable our clients and consultants to comply with constantly evolving international and national standards and industry practices by developing charters and guidelines that can operate internal audit mechanisms.