Management of Contract Processes

Contracts and commercial agreements form the basis of all active companies and commercial organisations. In this context, as GRC LEGAL, we assist our clients and consultant companies in preparing and launching specific contract examples and the necessary documentation process tailored to their business needs and sectors.

Importance of Written Assets

It is of great legal importance that all contracts, whether for internal employees or third parties, are professionally reviewed and drafted. Organisations should not be satisfied with, rely on, or sign a contract derived entirely from ready-made drafts and simple examples of contracts available on the internet. In this context, as GRC LEGAL, we work in mutual consultation with you in order to analyse the needs of institutions and to make recommendations suitable for concrete implementation. We prepare contracts from scratch to help provide your organisation with the appropriate legal protection against any future disputes that may arise in any term, and we manage the process of mutual agreement with any necessary revisions by discussing various regulations, including the following:
  • General Commercial/Corporate Contracts,
  • Sales-Supply Contracts,
  • Data Protection Agreements,
  • Franchising, Agency, Dealership, Representative Contracts,
  • Financing Contracts,
  • Production-Maintenance-Repair-Service Contracts,
  • Information Technology Contracts,
  • Service Contracts,
  • Employment / Labour Contracts,
  • Mainstream and Next Generation Process and Application Based Contracts

Data Protection/Personal Data Clauses in Commercial Contracts

We also address data protection in all elements of corporate contracts without exception. Many companies do not pay due attention to data protection elements because they do not understand what is at their core and in their focal area of influence. For example, personal data elements such as lists of consumers, customers or suppliers are often ignored or not addressed at all in employment or confidentiality agreements, or even in the consumer and supplier agreements themselves. At GRC LEGAL, we ensure that you fulfil all your corporate needs and obligations in this regard. We also understand the dynamics of the industry in which our clients and advisers operate. We blend technology and data protection principles with our knowledge of sector dynamics, focusing on the new generation of developing and evolving legal specifics and blending them with our knowledge of sector dynamics, and we direct and manage contract management accordingly.