Coaching and Application Support Consultancy

As GRC LEGAL, we provide implementation support consultancy services regarding the protection and processing of personal data and administrative and legal measures for many small and medium-sized corporate structures as well as globally operating organisations with our open approach that we have applied to date. In this context, we work with our clients and consultants on compliance and risk management, prepare implementation-action plan procedures and policies, carry out awareness trainings within the scope of employee training and awareness activities, provide 360-degree consultancy and advocacy services with regulatory investigations and litigation follow-up when necessary. In this context
As GRC LEGAL, we work on a wide range of issues including privacy policies and procedures, responding to data subject-data subject applications, data breach notification process management, processing and management of sensitive personal data, security breach incident management, legislative investigations and defence requests and litigation follow-up, legal compliance training and awareness procedures, global compliance studies, cross-border data transfers, compliance audits, design of commercial business and transactions in accordance with the legislation, website privacy and cookie policies, design of cookie processing in accordance with the legislation, compliance with commercial electronic message legislation.

Why are we different?

Our multidisciplinary practice; The institution of personal data protection is not only a system that concerns personal data legislation, but is in a dynamic relationship with the Labour Law and Contract Law, and especially with the entire eco-system in which the human element takes place and the working life is in contact with the law. For this reason, there are major activities that touch many channels, whether it is legal practices or the operational functioning of the business world. As GRC LEGAL, our approach to compliance studies has always been in this direction; not from a single disconnected point, but deductively and in a way to include intersection clusters.
Our focus on technology; It is unthinkable to be away from technology in order to keep up with the digital age, as well as the geometrically increasing impact of data protection regulations that are now driving trends. As GRC LEGAL, we use technology inputs effectively in order to fulfil the requests and demands of the authorities in communication management with our instant integration with the world of technology with the least effort and the most efficiency.
Our technical knowledge; GRC LEGAL has been closely involved in the development and evolution of data protection regulations around the world and has had the opportunity to work with working groups, legislative bodies and data protection authorities to improve them. In this context, we are among the firms that have developed specialised practices to advise our clients on data privacy and security issues. Where appropriate, we have the experience to discuss technical literature with technical experts.
Our comprehensive view enables us to recognise that privacy and data security are part of every aspect of the information management life cycle. We also understand that adequate protection and management of information is at the heart of any well-functioning organisation. At GRC LEGAL, our approach is that these outcomes cannot be separated from each other and that the separate and unique characteristics of each must be taken into account in their implementation.
We offer resources to support our clients and consultants in their compliance and personal data security endeavours. These resources can be obtained from comparative law as well as examples of equivalent national practices.