Personal Data Protection, Privacy, Information Security and Cyber Security

In the current era, almost all countries have both national and international and supranational data protection regulations, especially the European Union, which regulate the collection, use and transfer of personal data, in the most general terms, the processing of personal data and the protection measures and security. The complex and sometimes conflicting obligations imposed by all these legal, administrative and technical regulations create problems for organisations wishing to ensure compliance with privacy and data security obligations. At GRC LEGAL, we provide advisory and advocacy services to help our clients balance regulatory compliance with practical and efficient execution.

Privacy by Design & Privacy Impact Assessment Analysis

Personal data privacy and security refers to the relationship between data and data processing. Since this information, whether general or special categories of personal data, is sensitive in nature, there are various legal and political issues related to the control and sharing of the relevant data. Especially when personal data regulations are analysed, it will be seen that such legislation is both retrospective and constantly changing and evolving. Therefore, compliance with the relevant legislation requires organisations to constantly re-evaluate their internal and external practices, approaches and perspectives when faced with these challenges.

PDPL & GDPR 360+ Compliance Projects Consultancy

As GRC LEGAL, by identifying your risks that may arise as a result of legal non-compliance, we help you to provide the necessary administrative (+ technical) and legal measures to ensure that all kinds of personal data are processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 ("KVKK") and to make this a life cycle. Data controllers; i) It is obliged to ensure the implementation of all necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure the appropriate level of security in order to prevent unlawful processing of personal data, ii) To prevent unlawful access to personal data, and iii) To ensure the preservation of personal data.

Information Security and Cyber Security

Cyber security, information technology security or computer security refers to the protection applied to computers, networks, technology infrastructures and electronic data in general, and in general terms, internet security includes the processes, procedures and mechanisms that protect digital services, equipment, information and related data from unauthorised access.

Coaching and Application Support Consultancy

As GRC LEGAL, with the open approach we have applied to date, we provide implementation support consultancy for globally operating organisations as well as many small and medium-sized corporate structures, tailored to the needs regarding the protection and processing of personal data and administrative and legal measures.