Increasing developments in the telecommunications sector pose new legal challenges that require multi-disciplinary and specialised legal solutions. Our clients include both domestic and international companies operating in the telecommunications sector and we provide legal advice on a wide range of matters, including regulatory and legal risk analysis, guidance and guidance on the steps to be taken, regulatory reporting and designing the necessary contractual processes.
  • Creating a legal entity, capital and financing strategies,
  • Ownership and registration of intellectual property rights in software and other technologies,
  • Enforcement of patents, copyrights and other intellectual property rights against infringers,
  • Employment and independent contractor agreements,
  • Subscription licence agreements, including end user licence agreements (EULA),
  • Software development contracts,
  • Strategy studies for the design and protection of trade secrets,
  • Compliance with legislation and new regulations and reporting with live monitoring,
  • Strategy for protecting intellectual property rights and capitalising on them;
  • Assessment of third party infringement claims,
  • Determination of positions within the scope of local and international legislation through compliance analysis,
  • Drafting sector-specific contracts including infrastructure outsourcing, cloud services, managed networks, mobile virtual network operation, VoIP services and analysing them for potential legal risks and issues under local legislation and consultative negotiation,
  • Preparation and submission of applications before the relevant authorities,
  • Provision of legal counselling on administrative and technical aspects of disputes related to the telecommunications sector.